Get specialist advice on all areas of insolvency, turnaround and reconstruction for your business or individual matters.

At Chamberlains SBR, we are a boutique accounting firm dealing solely with insolvency and turnaround matters. Therefore, Accounting and Legal practitioners can have comfort in the knowledge all matters are handled in a confidential manner, without the prospect of their client changing to our firm for general accounting, audit or taxation services. 

Our firms successful history is built on a policy of reconstruction and turnaround principles in the first instance rather than immediately dismantling the insolvent. However, if there is no other alternative, we will be honest in saying so. We pride ourselves on being practitioners who have made the commitment to provide the most trusted and respected insolvency and reconstruction advice in regional NSW & Victoria.

Personal Insolvency​

Our Registered Trustee and staff have the knowledge and understanding qualities to assist in properly managing the estates of Bankrupt individuals, as well as Personal Insolvency Agreements and Debt Agreements.

Corporate Insolvency​

Whether, it is a company experiencing severe financial distress and needs to be liquidated, or the entity is currently overloaded with debt and requires restructuring under the Voluntary Administration process. Our Registered Liquidators can provide the expertise to help navigate corporations through all the complex alternatives; communicate with creditors, and minimise the impact considerable stress on an individual.    

Other Matters​

If you are a funder, secured creditor, or practitioner considering appointing an independent person to recovery funds or resolve business/family financial disputes. Our team has experience with receiver, agent or trustee appointments to assist you.

We also consider the more knowledge the general practitioner has in respect to signs of insolvency and insolvency options, the increased probability of their clients issues being identified at an early stage and to assist, we are at all times available to provide in-house staff training to firms at no cost.

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